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Laramide ReSOURCES Ltd.



  • Outstanding Shares: 248,844,696 (as of 11/24/2023)
  • Including options: 237,344,696 (as of 11/14/2023)
  • Float: 228,844,696 (as of 11/28/2023)

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Laramide Resources Ltd. is at the forefront of the clean energy revolution and poised for a lucrative investment reward from a suite of world-class uranium assets. Laramide is strategically focused on large, low-risk uranium projects located in mining friendly Australia and New Mexico. With uranium fundamentals in motion, Laramide presents investors with a pure-play, growth, and highly leveraged exposure to the uranium market’s booming price momentum.

Laramide’s portfolio boasts a pipeline of top-tier, advanced projects located in districts renowned for their uranium provenance. Each asset has been chosen for its size and production potential; and now with favourable market conditions in play, Laramide is primed for success.

An investment in Laramide today is an opportunity to participate in an exciting investment journey. Invest in Laramide today and participate in a truly extraordinary era of transition. The company is listed on OTCQX (LMRXF), and dual-listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: LAM) and the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: LAM).

URANIUM'S Demand and Value is Increasing

World Headlines favor Uranium


Laramide Resources boasts a diverse portfolio of uranium and Rare Earth Elements (REE) projects across the United States, with additional ventures like the Westmoreland Project in Queensland, Australia, and the Churchrock and Crownpoint Projects situated in the resource-rich landscapes of New Mexico, United States. Furthermore, the company is actively advancing numerous other projects at varying stages of exploration and development, notably the La Sal Complex in scenic Utah, United States, and the promising La Jara Mesa project in New Mexico, USA.


  • The world needs safe, affordable, low emission, reliable and secure baseload electricity. As an energy source with zero emissions, nuclear energy is a vital part of the clean energy mix for countries around the world.
  • Nuclear fission generates electricity without the harmful byproducts that coal, oil and natural gas emit. As the world replaces old fossil fuel generation and tries to meet increasing electricity demand, there is a need for new generating capacity. Many countries including the U.S. are continuing to advance nuclear, as well as support and develop new technologies, preserve existing reactors and strengthen the fuel cycle.
  • Rising uranium demand stems from this requirement for nuclear fuel, with nuclear fuel buyers contracting for a secure supply of uranium. Laramide Resources Ltd. is ready to meet this demand with a uranium portfolio that consists of diversified, advanced stage, high-quality uranium assets in secure, safe jurisdictions.
  • Uranium prices are not GDP correlated in the short- or medium-term but are tied to the adoption and growth of nuclear generation. Fuel buyers purchase large volumes of uranium through long-term contracts due to the baseload nature of nuclear power, while the uranium spot market is more thinly traded for buyers to pick up smaller volumes.
2023 Market Advantages
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Latest WNA research shows demand growth to 2040 in all scenarios

The Uranium Squeeze

Uranium price recently broke $60/lb on the heels of cumulative supply concerns from producers and now appears at major inflection point. U price is not correlated to GDP growth in short and medium term. Demand projections reflect reality not models – or hope.
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“Nuclear Power is the Best Climate-Change Solution by Far”

Its total greenhouse-gas emissions are 1/700th those of coal – and 1/4th those of solar.

Laramide Mining Methodologies

Laramide is one of the few companies that uses In Situ Recovery – commonly called ISR.

In situ recovery is a method of extracting resources, such uranium, from the ground without having to physically remove the resource from its location. Instead, a special solution is injected into the resource deposit to dissolve or otherwise extract the resource, which is then pumped to the surface for collection. This method is often used for resources that are difficult to extract using traditional mining or drilling techniques and is considered more environmentally friendly. In the context of stock investing, a company that specializes in ISR would be considered a more sustainable or responsible investment option compared to companies that use more traditional extraction methods.

In the Westmoreland and Murphy operations in Australia, Larimide uses open cut mining, also known as open pit mining, which is a method of extracting minerals and ores, including uranium, from the earth by removing layers of soil, rock, and other materials to access the desired deposit. This method is typically used when the ore deposit is located near the surface, and the removal of the overburden, or the soil and rock covering the deposit, is more cost-effective than underground mining. Once the overburden is removed, the ore is extracted using large equipment, such as excavators and haul trucks, and transported to a processing facility for further treatment.

Both operations in Australia are positioned to rapidly come online and start producing uranium – just in time to match the eagerly anticipated rise in uranium’s price per pound.

Leadership Team

Marc Henderson President, Chief Executive Officer & Director
Marc Henderson
President, Chief Executive Officer & Director
Dennis Gibson Chief Financial Officer
Dennis Gibson
Chief Financial Officer
Laramide Uranium Graphic
Lloyd Jones
General Manager, Australia
Chris Irwin Corporate Secretary
Chris Irwin
Corporate Secretary
Ann Baines Director, Investor Relations
Ann Baines
Director, Investor Relations
John Booth Chairman of the Board
John Booth
Chairman of the Board
Jacqueline Allison Director
Jacqueline Allison
Raffi Babikian Director
Raffi Babikian
Scott Patterson Director
Scott Patterson
Laramide Nuclear Energy Capacity Factor Bar Chart image


Nuclear energy has the highest capacity factor1 versus both traditional and alternative energy sources, prompting renewed attention to help solve global energy needs.

1 Measures the total amount of energy produced during a period of time divided by the amount of energy the plant would have produced at full capacity.
[Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration. Data as of 12/31/2020. The Wall Street Journal, Andrew Fillar, Henry Miller, Nov. 4th, 2021.]

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