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Timing Is Everything | 11/30/2023 |

Laramide’s uranium properties could have greater potential profitability
if uranium prices stabilize here or even continue to rise.

Former Apple CEO, John Scully, is widely credited with the simple phrase, “Timing is Everything.” Another Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, would execute on that mantra, crafting revolutionary products into seas of change with the Internet, personal computing, portable music, and smart phones.

The results were epic.

In most great success stories there is a tide, a thing beyond the control or creation of man alone. It is a thing that exists on its own… indomitable, inimitable.

The best of men, companies in this context, will harness the tide, ride the wind, or take this change agent and make it their own.

Because timing IS everything.

A short while ago Laramide Resources announced an “Off-Scale” Radioactivity Reading about a uranium mining discovery:

“Laramide Resources Ltd. (TSX: LAM) (ASX: LAM) (OTCQX: LMRXF), which holds a portfolio of development stage uranium assets strategically positioned in the United States and Australia has been actively exploring for even more uranium on its prospective land package, when it made that banner-making discovery.”

Here’s the comment from CEO Marc Henderson from the press release:

“The exploration discovery of an “off-scale” mineralization reading and the sighting of outcropping uranium at a prospective new drill target was an unexpected bonus and will be followed up in 2024.”

Bonus is right because “off-scale” indicates high levels of radioactivity which may be associated with the presence of uranium minerals. Specifically, recent reconnaissance exploration at the U-Valley target has discovered extensive zones of surface radioactivity in Westmoreland Conglomerate including isolated “off-scale” (>65,535cps) points using a Super-Spec RS-125 Spectrometer. Geological mapping and ground scintillometer surveys are currently underway to refine the target zones ahead of potential scout drilling in the 2024 field season.

Image of Laramide Westmoreland project.

It is important to note within this context that economic viability or concentration of uranium ore require further analysis, including assays and core drilling, to assess the potential for uranium extraction and the economic feasibility of mining in the above area.

Image of Uranium, radioactive ore on isolated white background, mineral and energy resource.

Now about that timing part.

Literally the exact same day as this news about off-scale discoveries and progress hit the wire, a compelling article posted at a top mining publication, Kitco, noted that uranium had hit a 15 year high. The article further notes that:

“The chart tracking uranium futures illustrates remarkable performance since the beginning of 2023, with an increase of over 50%. To put this in perspective, the gold spot price has risen by nearly 10%, while the S&P index has seen an uptick of around 8%.”

Historically, this translates into potential greater investment in the uranium category and potential heightened interest in current and prospective uranium operations.

Mining is one of the rarest of industries where the earth may not move beneath your feet but the value sure can. As spot prices rise so do margins as mining costs do not generally change when prices are ascendant.

Laramide’s uranium properties could have greater potential profitability if uranium prices stabilize here or even continue to rise.

Having an off-scale discovery right now couldn’t be much better – Not when timing is everything.

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