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Crisis Communications

When Every Minute Matters

When Staying on Top of Market and Media Communications Can't Wait

You know every minute matters. How can you marshal the resources you need and actively address the issue without incurring additional liability?

When a crisis happens, the natural response often is to pull down the shades, lock the doors, and keep everyone out until you develop a solution.

The problem is that people inside and outside your company still need information – and if you don’t communicate, rumors and speculation will abound.

We have helped many clients create crisis communications plans, train their employees on how to use them, and conduct drills to update and improve their plans. We also work with companies that have no plan and have been caught off-guard, assisting them in dealing with the immediate issues, then creating a plan to handle any future events.

Communicating the right message at the right time is critical to managing a business crisis. In emergency situations, there are multiple audiences – employees, customers, investors, the media, the community and government agencies – with multiple needs. Responding quickly and with confidence is the only way to demonstrate your organizations ability to face, and overcome, a business crisis.

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