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While some promising alternatives are being researched, VERSES believes there is one particular approach that offers a smarter, safer and more sustainable foundation and, thus, a better path to general intelligence — based on its best scientific understanding of intelligence as it occurs in nature.

Over the past several years, the team of computer scientists, neuroscientists and engineers at VERSES AI Research Lab, led by our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Karl Friston, has developed this alternative approach, known as Active Inference, founded on first principles and guided by nature’s blueprint for intelligence in biological systems.

In the spirit of cooperation and in accordance with The OpenAI Charter, VERSES invites Open AI to connect and collaborate with them and evaluate their work, near-term goals and timelines with the hope that, upon validation, you will find their approach to building safe, intelligent systems to be the most promising path to benefiting humanity.

The Year in AI 2023


The Genius Suite from VERSES AI is a powerful data intelligence platform that enables developers to build real-world, adaptable applications to elevate operational efficiency, business strategy, data analysis, and market foresight.

The Genius Suite from VERSES AI – a new branch of AI that could be the path to true AGI Artificial General Intelligence – the holy grail for tech investors.

AI Discussions on the World Stage at Davos 2024

Davos 2024 Day 3 Panel:
Beyond the Hype Cycle What AI is Today,
and What It Can Become

AI House Davos 2024 Day 4:
Intelligent Edge:
Connecting people, places and things with AI 

The AI sector has been largely dominated by large language models like those at OpenAI. VERSES AI is charting a new course. The Genius platform isn’t just riding the AI wave; it’s reshaping it. Drawing inspiration from the intricate biological processes of nature.

Don’t miss this next breakout company – be part of the AI revolution.

VERSES AI, with its commitment to innovative solutions, is poised to remain a leader in the dynamic world of AI.

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  • Genius is adaptive, explainable and efficient.
  • Delivers real world analysis for predictive modeling and actionable recommendations.
  • Provides a data layer as a digital assistant and robotic automation.
    Genius is a platform, not a standalone application. It shares data and empowers collaboration with other systems.

Genius Timeline at a Glance

The Genius Beta Program, featuring Genius Agents and Core, is set to launch with a Research Beta in Winter 2024. Following this, the Genius Private and Public Beta will be unveiled later in 2024, offering enhanced functionalities.

Image of Genius Timeline at a Glance chart.

The roadmaps on this page are for information purposes only and may change. It’s not a commitment or guarantee of future product features or development.

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Early Investors to capitalize on $1.59 Trillion Market

Investors often look to other industries or breakout companies to measure when the time is right to get in. The smartphone and mobile app market is what some use to compare to the market potential for AI. The great news is that well-known investors project that the AI market will be DOUBLE of what the smartphone and app market was nearly 15 years ago.

Performance Snapshot
AI market outlook chart

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