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EMC Drives Awareness, Interest and Action

EMC’s Market Synergy Program provides clients with comprehensive marketing programs that maximize investor awareness and interest in the small cap arena to deliver clients targeted exposure that results in cost effective results.
Digital Marketing
IR Consulting
PR/Media Relations
Content Development
Analyst Road Shows
Foreign Investment

MARKETING. Communication.

The collective goal of the Market Synergy program is to obtain widespread and meaningful exposure for the company, liquidity for investors, and recognition of successful implementation of the business plan in the market.

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Marketing Collateral

Delivering your company’s message takes many forms – print, digital and social content. Creating the perfect company collateral is one of your most valuable assets that you can deliver to investors and industry experts.

When it’s time to create a content piece that tells your story, your way, EMC can provide the writing talent to translate even the most complex product or service into the language that investors can understand, and more importantly – use to take action.

Digital  Marketing

Keeping client companies in front of potential investors is a critical step to generate awareness, interest and desire to converting them into actual investors. EMC’s Market Synergy program leverages a comprehensive set of tools and tactics to deliver results.
Email Marketing

With more than 1.5 million potential investors in our database and new ones added daily, EMC can target and reach the right investors for our clients.

Digital Advertising

Targeting and delivering the right digital ads that inform and attract investors is a core strength that EMC uses to build value for clients using today’s hottest platforms.

Social Media

By combining  social media ads with engaging content posts, EMC builds awareness and drives investors to content pages that inform and encourage them to become active investors.

Website Development

Without a website that informes and engages potential investors, small-cap companies struggle to be heard in today’s noisy market. EMC can help and we have the experience to deliver a site that drives results.

Content Development

You and your team are experts in your field. Translating your services or product benefits to potential investors can be a challenge. EMC offers content development services that brings your offerings to life.

Analytics/Measuring ROI

Knowing how to use the analytics as part of a digital strategy is a key part of maximizing ROI and reaching investors. EMC can accurately target and deliver engaging content by analyzing data to shape campaigns that work.

Consulting, Media and Public Relations


The EMC team will provide consulting and guidance related to trading on the micro cap market and general business consulting, which will be available to assist clients to maximize marketability and investor interest.

Serving clients in the U.S. internationally

EMC invests time, talent and resources in developing and maintaining targeted lists of investors that extend beyond the United States. We have the ability to do strategically targeted email campaigns to high net worth individuals in Canada and Europe with a focus on Switzerland and Germany.

Media/Public Relations

Our experienced team of investor relations professionals can guide and assist in creating press releases and other editorial resources that are needed to maximize awareness for clients. EMC would draw on information provided by the client, then shape the information into a compelling, highly informative resource that can be effectively used with media, investors and industry partners.

Industry Analyst

EMC has developed a network on industry experts that can get you and your company in front of the right people, right when you need it.

Emerging Markets Consulting is not a registered investment advisor or registered securities broker dealer, nor does EMC act in the capacity of an investment adviser or broker dealer in any way. No information contained within this website or Information distributed to the investment community should be construed as investment advice or as a solicitation to offer, purchase or sell securities.

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