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  • Outstanding Shares: 101,298,924 (as of 02/28/2023)
  • Float: 86,623,594 (as of 11/22/2022)

A Leader in Developing Optimized
psychedlic-inspired Medicines

Mindset Pharma is a Toronto-based drug discovery business focused on creating novel and patentable psychedelic compounds for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders. Founded in 2019 by domain experts in drug development, medicinal chemistry and capital markets, Mindset (OTCQB:MSSTF; CSE:MSET) is assembling a proprietary library of transformative psychedelic intellectual property designed to address chronic neuropsychiatric disorders efficiently and safely.

Dear Investor,

Have you ever heard the phrase follow the smart money ? PayPal billionaire Peter Thiel was one of the first big names in Silicon Valley to embrace the psychedelics opportunity in a big way. Hedge fund manager (and former Goldman Sachs partner) Mike Novogratz was another early entrant.

Enter Mindset Pharma symbol: OTCQB- MSSTF

Why should the reader pay attention ? The answer is nearly one Billion1 people have mental health issues in some form and the data coming from psychedelic treatment is astounding !!!! The dollar size of the mental health treatment market is 397 billion dollars.2 Here is the kicker- current treatment options are dated and in some cases redundant ! The opportunity appears wide open as big pharma wants to just prescribe another antidepressant!

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Getting in Early

In any new market opportunity, it’s generally those who get in early that reap the largest profits.

With a flood of recent mainstream media attention on companies like Compass Pathways and MindMed, it’s easy to forget that this is still an industry truly in its infancy.

Only roughly a dozen pure players in psychedelics are currently publicly trading.

Compass Pathways has a market cap of US$1.3 billion. MindMed’s market cap has recently surged to CAD$300 million. But after that the numbers drop off rapidly for the rest of the industry.

These market babies are ready to be adopted by investors looking for outsized returns.

Older investors will lament previous missed opportunities to “get in early” on major market success stories – especially those related to new research and technologies.

Today, investors have an obvious get-in-early opportunity staring them in the face: psychedelic drugs.

If you can find an investment opportunity with a couple of very good reasons to invest, that’s worth exploring.

Innovative Psilocybin Synthesis

Mindset Abstract Molecule Image
  • Market needs a source of high quality and low-cost psilocybin.
  • Mindset’s patent-pending psilocybin synthesis process can yield GMP–grade psilocybin at a significant discount to the market price.
  • Improvements include:
    • milder reaction conditions and fewer synthesis steps; 
    •  easily obtained commercially available raw materials and reagents; and
    • suitability for multi-kg scale manufacturing; and lower environmental impact. 
  • Leading International CDMO engaged to synthesize 1 KG of GMP psilocybin

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Leading Drug Discovery Platform

Comprehensive IP Coverage

  • 8 patent applications filed covering a broad range of novel, next generation drugs inspired by psilocybin, DMT, & 5-MeO-DMT, as well as a novel psilocybin synthesis method

Broad Pipeline of Differentiated Drug Candidates

  • Over 100 new drug candidates screened
  • Lead compound MSP-1014 identified for clinical development for mood disorders; demonstrated superior preclinical efficacy to psilocybin
  • Strong signals of favorable differentiation across portfolio compared to first generation drugs in safety, effect size, and duration

Strong Progress Towards Commercialization

  • Development collaboration with the McQuade Center for Strategic Research and Development, LLC (“MSRD”), a member of the global Otsuka family of pharmaceutical companies Opportunity for additional partnership agreements

First Big Pharma Partnership Focused on New Drugs

Mindset entered into a partnership with the R&D arm of Otsuka Pharmaceutical, a global leader in bringing CNS medications to market

Highlights include:

  • All development expenses paid for exclusively by Otsuka for Family 2 & 4 drugs through the completion of phase 1B (anticipated to be within 12-18 months)
    • Total cost of developing multiple families through phase 1B may be up to US$45M1
  • US$5M cash payment + potential milestone payments
  • ALL FUNDING NON-DILUTIVE in exchange for ROFN & ROFR on Family 2 & 4 drugs
  • Extensive operational support provided by Otsuka, eliminating significant future G&A costs by Mindset
  • Following completion of the collaboration, Mindset will potentially own multiple Phase 2 ready drug candidates with the ability to negotiate an additional transaction with Otsuka

Mindset is the first and only group to partner with big pharma on new psychedelic drugs – partnership de-risks and validates Mindset program

1 Office of Health Economics, The R&D Cost of a New Medicine.
  • Opportunity for additional partnership agreements

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