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Building Trust | 12/12/2023 |

MedBright’s Recent Successes Send Signal that the Company is Executing

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It’s been a minute since we last covered Medical/A.I. company MedBright AI Investments Inc. (the “Company” or “MedBright”) (CSE:MBAI, OTCQB:MBAIF, FSE:1V7).

It’s not because they haven’t been making significant moves.


In our last editorial we noted the Company’s transformation to MedBright from Vinergy, a name change that made and makes sense to us given their business model. We strongly encourage you to catch-up in this dynamic, fast-moving Company by reviewing that piece.

It was important for us that newly minted MedBright make a few early moves, that they take steps as the newly named entity to signal to the market that a) the name change was more than just superficial, and b) that they were executing on a pretty exciting business plan.

It appears they have.

First, they announced that the Company along with The Ken Sperling Lecture Series, will be supporting and participating in medical economics lectures at Yale University School of Medicine.

Not sure how many times we’ve heard emergent technology companies, small cap companies, mention their ‘lectures at Yale.’ If it feels like name-dropping it is and is absolutely valid. Companies don’t just lecture at Yale. Companies with credibility, relationships, something important do.

Much of the credit goes to MedBright AI Investment Chair, Michael Dalsin, who just happens to have his own significant relationship with Yale.

Similarly, the Company continues to attach highly qualified names. In recent days, MedBright announced the election of two new board members to the Board of Directors, Dr. Jaime Gerber and Dr. Konita Wilks. Gerber will serve as Chairman of the Board.

Both have incredible resumes. Gerber is a Professor at the Yale School of Medicine and Wilks is the CEO of Olive View-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA, a 355-bed general acute care hospital that employs nearly 5500 persons and has a $900-million dollar annual operating budget.

Again, these aren’t the type of names you see sprinkled into small cap pressers. These are accomplished professionals who know the space and by association we can draw an inference that they see merit in the MedBright business model. With MedBright’s valuable technology, the next steps are to focus on acquiring as many customers as possible.

And let’s not step over the fact that MedBright seems to be intent on transparency, with a highly credible Independent Board in place already and what we’ll call an eagerness to keep the investing public informed.

To that end, the Company again looks more blue-chip from our vantage, dropping a recent press release which rolls-out the details on MedMatrix, an industry leading AI-powered data analytics platform, developed and operated by Healthcare Accretion AI, one of MedBright’s most significant investments.

It is available for review on the company’s website at

At the Emerging Markets Report we are cautious and enthusiastic fans of Artificial Intelligence. We believe that it will be one of the most impactful technology drivers in almost every aspect of our lives. Like you, we’ve seen deal after deal, story after story add “A.I.” to their business models, or worse yet, to their business names in an effort to join the gold rush and cash-in.

It would be shocking to us if we could find another company like MedBright that has already invested in technology of this order and perhaps more importantly, in better minds to help officiate the opportunity.

MedBright AI is a capital allocator focused on investing in healthcare technology companies. The team at MedBright prides themselves on unparalleled access to opportunities, as well as structuring unique and advantageous investments. MedBright’s mission is to construct a portfolio of synergistic investments to generate superior returns for shareholders. MedBright will focus on significant near-term and midterm high-quality opportunities with strong return potentials while maintaining commitment to governance.

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