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Grid Metals Corp (TXSV:GRDM; OTCQB:MSMGF) is a mineral exploration and development Company focused on the “battery metals” used in electric vehicles and other green technologies. Grid’s projects are all located in Canada. Its most advanced project is Makwa Mayville which has NI 43-101 compliant resources of Nickel-Copper-Cobalt- and Platinum Group Metals. The Company has completed an initial drill program at its Bannockburn Nickel project near Timmins Ontario where it is targeting bulk tonnage nickel mineralization. The East Bull Lake Palladium property is located near the major mining hub of Sudbury Ontario. Palladium is a precious metal that is used to reduce auto emissions through its use in catalytic converters.

Reducing Carbon Emissions is Driving Global Metals Demand

Nickel, Copper, Lithium and Cobalt Markets Will See Significant Benefit

  • Global CO2 levels are at record highs
  • Transportation sector is ~ 20% of global emissions so a major focus of lower emissions requirements
  • Electric vehicles (EV’s) batteries use large amounts of metals
  • New supply is required for many key metals
  • Mining industry is now aware of need for new deposits and more investment
  • Increasing investor interest in the metals sector
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Key Driver of Green Metals Demand is Batteries

  • Metals will see a host of new uses and demand in the next 10 years
  • Nickel has key use in battery technology for energy density and range
  • Nickel to face ~ 1 mt tonnes new demand on a ~ 2.2Mt market by 2020
  • Cobalt and lithium are anticipated to see rapidly rising demand for use in lithium ion batteries
  • Copper demand will increase for EV charging infrastructure and other greentech such as solar and wind
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Electric Vehicle Battery Market Expected to Reach $84 Billion by 2025

“The global electric vehicle battery market is expected to witness a steady growth due to stringent vehicle emission norms and an increase in the demand for fuel-efficient and low-emission vehicles. The global EV battery market is projected to witness considerable growth, especially in the emerging economies, owing to the enhanced demand for electric vehicles and rise in the global awareness about the
menace of vehicle pollution.”

– Divyanshi Tewari Lead Analyst, Automotive & Transportation at AMR

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Projects are Focused on Critical Minerals
Set to Benefit From a Rise in Green Energy Over Next 10 Years

All projects are located near mining centres with good infrastructure. Projects will have low carbon footprint with available renewable power.

Makwa Mayville Project – this project, located in Southeast Manitoba, consists of two open pit N143-101 resources containing copper, nickel, palladium, cobalt and lithium. The project is in advanced exploration stage with $3.5 billion in resources at current metal prices.

East Bull Lake Property (palladium platinum and copper) – the company is embarking on a new phase of systematic exploration focused on the discovery of large, palladium-rich deposits. This is considered by the Company as the top ranked palladium exploration project in North America.

Bannockburn Property (nickel) – with projected increase in demand for nickel, the Bannockburn project represents a high potential exploration opportunity for Grid Metals. The current exploration program is targeting a large tonnage low grade nickel deposit.

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