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Atmofizer Technologies Inc.


  • Outstanding Shares: 133,747,806 (as of 12/30/2022)
  • Float: 94,429,705 (as of 08/22/2022)

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Atmofizer’s technology strength is gathering particles into a standard size, allowing units to either filter out these large particles with a cheaper filter that requires less flow (and therefore less power) or to hit these particles with UV (or both).

Atmofizer Technologies Inc. (OTCQB:ATMFF; CSE:ATMO) is a clean technology company focused on making air and water safer for people and the environment.

The company improves the efficacy and efficiency of filtration with agglomeration technology.

This revolutionary method addresses a wide range of dangerous nano-particles, viruses, and bacteria. Atmofizer technology’s strength lies in gathering particles into a standard size, allowing units to either filter out these larger particles with a less expensive filter, requiring less air flow (and therefore less power) or to neutralize these particles with UV (or both). This technology has the ability to increase the efficiency of all air purification systems.

Atmofizer is the sole provider of this technology people can readily acquire to make the air they breath safer.

The air we breathe everday in our homes, offices and world is much more dangerous than we think. Air can make us sick, spread disease and cause terminal illness. Atmofizer Technologies make air and water safer for people.

  • It affects everyone
  • COVID made it real to us
  • It’s a bigger, long-term problem
  • We now understand the danger
  • The world has changed
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Atmofizer is a technology invented by Dr. Gregor Luthe in Germany, over many years, that harnesses the forces of nature to make things bigger and easier to capture, neutralize, and destroy.

– Ultra Fine Particles (UFPs) are too small to see with most microscopes

– Sound waves agglomerate UFPs by creating pressure, like making a snowball

– Bigger particles are easier to capture, neutralize and destroy


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Licensing & Integration

Atmofizers can be found in consumer and industrial air purification products manufactured by the Atmofizer Technologies, as well as in consumer and industrial devices produced by other companies that license and integrate Atmofizer technology into their own products.

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Partner Development

New use-case or industry-specific product lines are developed in partnership with people and organizations that possess recognized credibility, expertise, brand identity, manufacturing capabilities, and / or strong distribution networks. These alliances will effectively and efficiently accelerate the design and manufacture of innovative, practical new products to help make the air we breathe safer.

Atmofizer Benefits

How Atmofizer Technology Delivers Better Performance and Value

  • Uses acoustic agglomeration to cluster nanoparticles
  • Neutralizes Ultra-Fine Particles (UFP)
  • Uses combined UV-C and UV-A light to destroy and deactivate particles
  • No disposable filters
  • UL Certified
  • Tested in Independent American laboratories
  • No routine maintenance required
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