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Small Talk | 08/11/2022 |

SPYR Embraces a State-of-the-Art Communication System to Make its Tiny IoT Transmitters Even More Efficient

Breaking news from SPYR Technologies (OTCQB:SPYR). SPYR’s goal is to develop, market, and position its to be future marketed GeoTraq small transmitter tracking devices to be at the leading edge of IoT asset tracking technology. GeoTraq’s tracking devices will be used to monitor and track everything from Porta-Potties at major music festivals, to locating construction assets at a job site, and providing mission critical information about valuable supply chain assets monitoring temperature, flow, pressure, humidity, motion, acceleration and more.

Image of bulldozer with GeoTraq module

See where we’re going?

And when we say really small we mean it. It’s roughly the size of a postage stamp which opens so very many doors of opportunity.

But SPYR’s ambitions are not limited to its goals to market and sell the GeoTraq tracker with plans to roll this out in Q1 or Q2 2023. SPYR’S plans include the development and deployment of its Micro-Tracker™, the next generations of GeoTraq’s tracking tech.

SPYR is upgrading its communication technology to a state-of-the-art cell location technology that will provide Micro-Tracker™ customers with two advantages:

First, the new technology will provide a significant improvement in position accuracy of the device and the asset it tracks.

This means that customers can answer enormously important operational questions such as:
  • Is the equipment in our yard or on a job site/which job site?  
  • Is my package on a truck or in the warehouse?   
  • Have my bricks been delivered to the construction site or have they been stolen?  
  • Is the truck in the shop or out on the lot?

Just as important as location accuracy. The Micro-Tracker™ technology has a much faster position acquisition time. When the device comes out of the Company’s proprietary ‘Blackout X’ mode, which is similar to “sleep mode,” where the device intuitively saves its own battery life, the Micro-Tracker™ will more quickly send and update customers’ backend software. This sequence is described in Patent No. 10,182,402 assigned to SPYR in its asset acquisition and is intended to consume the minimum amount of battery power to report the modem’s location. To put this in plain terms of time, the new technology gathers the information in under five seconds, while the former system could take over a minute.

Spyr image of stacked boxes

It’s a remarkable enhancement to an already outstanding product offering, blending the very, very small with the very best communication system available.

In two simple words Micro-Tracker™ could be the finest form of ‘small talk.’

About GeoTraq/Micro-Tracker
GeoTraq is a Mobile IoT module manufacturer and connectivity provider. GeoTraq offers asset tracking and remote monitoring through Mobile IoT modules with global connectivity. GeoTraq Mobile IoT modules report location data with the ability to measure variables from external sensors, such as temperature, flow, pressure, humidity, motion, acceleration and more. The modules transmit data for scheduled reports or trigger-based event alerts. GeoTraq technology is designed to streamline business processes and increase operational efficiency to drive ROI and solve real business challenges. Visit GeoTraq online at

About SPYR Technologies
SPYR Technologies (OTCQB:SPYR) is a technology company focused on IoT, or the Internet of Things. Through its subsidiary Applied Magix Inc., SPYR develops and resells Apple® ecosystem compatible products, with an emphasis on the growing multibillion-dollar IoT smart home and connected car markets. Through its GeoTraq business, SPYR develops and manufactures fully entirely self-contained, ultra-small Mobile mobile IoT (Internet of Things) modules: Trackertracker-M modules for asset tracking and location-based services, and Sensorsensor-M modules used for remote monitoring. SPYR continues to identify and target acquisitions that will grow its footprint in the industry and expand the products it offers consumers, including companies developing artificial intelligence (AI) and smart technology products.

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