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Technology is Key | 04/05/2023 |

Last month, President of Allied Copper Inc. and CEO of Volt Lithium Corp. (TSX-V: CPR, OTCQB: CPRRF) (the “Company” or “Allied” or “Volt”) Alex Wylie was interviewed by Martin Gagel from Radius Research and presented a deep dive into direct lithium extraction for li-ion batteries.

Here’s the breakdown:

Wylie started by introducing Volt Lithium Corp, a lithium development and technology company, aiming to be North America’s first commercial producer of lithium from oilfield brine. A subsidiary of Allied Copper, Volt intends to leverage proprietary direct lithium extraction technology, existing infrastructure, and management’s hydrocarbon/water handling experience to extract the highly valued lithium, supporting the world’s clean energy transition.

Wylie then went on to explain just how Volt will produce lithium, stating “technology is key.” He said that in order for Volt to become a successful Lithium producer, it must focus first on the extraction technology. Volt has spent the better part of 24 months developing and improving its technology which has culminated in the Company’s breakthrough, proving removal of 99% of contaminants from its lithium-infused brine and recovery of 93% of the lithium.

Image of Allied Copper-Volt Lithium DLE technology process graphic.

Key factors covered in the interview that are driving Volt’s success include:

1. Proprietary Technology: University of Alberta Nanotechnology Lab and Sterling Chemicals Partnerships.

  • Volt’s strategic partnerships have led to the development of proprietary direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology.
  • The unique process enables 99% contaminant removal and 93% lithium recovery in less than 90 minutes.
  • Multiple iterations of refining and improving the process have yielded lower extraction costs and higher recovery rates – even on low lithium concentration brine samples.
2. Prime Lithium Reservoir: Long production life with an extensive, high-quality resource.
  • Quality lithium reservoir located in Alberta, Canada, at Rainbow Lake.
  • Approximately 435,000 acres of land with strategic permits and over 1,300 producing wells.
  • Multiple formations with lithium-infused brines show concentrations up to 119 mg/L.
  • Ability to leverage existing infrastructure and wells and reservoir size ensure a long production life.
3. Cabot Energy Partnership: Minimizing CapEx by leveraging existing infrastructure.
  • Partnership with Alberta-based Cabot Energy provides access to three multi-well batteries.
  • Reduces capital requirements by leveraging over $100 million of existing infrastructure – the brine producing wells are already in place and operational.
  • Access to road and rail transportation for lithium export upon commercialization.
4. Regulatory Advantages: Using established infrastructure eliminates the need for new permits.
  • Using existing infrastructure affords Volt regulatory advantages.
  • Local authorities, including the Alberta Energy Regulator, are pleased with Volt’s planned responsible and clean approach to commercial production.
5. Management’s Expertise: A wealth of experience in oilfields, brines, and fluid processing.
  • Volt’s management team boasts extensive experience, ensuring the company can navigate industry challenges and streamline its path to commercial production.

Currently, Volt is in pilot production (250,000 Liters), using the same equipment planned to be employed during commercial production. Pilot results are expected by the end of Q2, to be audited and delivered with economics associated with the near-term commercial production plan.

Image of EV charging station for electric car.

In a rapidly growing lithium market fueled by electric vehicles and renewable energy, Volt Lithium Corp’s groundbreaking technology, strategic advantages, and extensive lithium resource position it as a frontrunner in lithium production from oilfield brines. By bringing a highly sought-after North American lithium source online, Volt is set to make a significant impact on the clean energy transition and secure a more sustainable future for the industry.

Demand for lithium is dramatically rising as electric vehicles and renewable energy continue to gain ground. There is expected to be a 40x increase in demand for lithium forecast by 2030 due to electric vehicle growth.

For a deeper understanding of Volt Lithium Corp’s innovative lithium extraction technology and to hear more about their ongoing pilot production and anticipated results, watch Alex Wylie’s full interview here:

For more on Allied Copper Corp. and Volt Lithium Corp.,

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