PV Nano cell

PV Nano Cell Highlights

PV Nano Cell (OTC PINK: PVNNF), (PVN) offers the first-ever complete solution for mass-produced inkjet based, printed electronics. The proven solution includes PVN’s proprietary Sicrys™, silver-based conductive inks, inkjet production printers and the complete printing process. The process includes ink properties’ optimization, printer’s parameters setup, printing modifications & tailored printing instructions per application. In the heart of PVN’s value proposition lies its unique and patented conductive silver and copper inks – Sicrys™. Those are the only inks made of Single Nano Crystals – which allows the inks to have the highest stability and throughput required to drive optimal mass-production results for wide range of applications. PVN’s solutions are used all over the world in a range of digital printing applications including: automotive, IoT, photovoltaics, printed circuit boards, flexible printed circuits, antennas, sensors, heaters, touchscreens and many more.

Companies interested in digital conductive printing often require initial testing & experimenting before adopting a full printing solution. That is why PVN is offering Proof of Concept Printing Cycles. A printing cycle is meant to enable such companies and customers an affordable way to test digital conductive printing easily, quickly and efficiently. When the test results prove the viability, customers can proceed to use our complete solutions.

PVN recently acquired DigiFlex – a printer manufacturer. We now offer the DemonJet – a Prototyping Inkjet Printer for Printed Electronics capable of printing up to 10 inks in parallel with high accuracy, drying and sintering all in one tool. We also offer the DemonJet Pro – a Low Volume Manufacturing Inkjet Printer that in addition offers high-throughput printing, camera-based registration, complete software automation & extreme accuracy in an unparalleled cost-performance bundle.

PV Nano Cell Ink Family 

Sicrys™ Inks Properties

  • Low sintering temperature (< 130 °C).
  • Low resistivity: ρ < 2.5 x bulk.
  • Narrow pattern printing as narrow as 50 µm.
  • Efficient cost structure due to low ink consumption.
  • Shelf life: 12 months.
  • Lower viscosity at high metal loading (50%+).
  • Robust high throughput: 24/7 printing.
  • Shipping & printing at ambient environment .
  • Unique Products: Silver (environmental  durable), Copper and Solar Cell metallization inks.
  • Green & clean process, no hazardous material.
  • SMT/soldering-capable.
  • 3D electronics enabler

MAss Production Applications

PV Nanocell PBC Copper Image

PV Nano Cell’s Sicrys™ conductive ink portfolio can be used for many mass production applications in additive digital printing processes. Sicrys™ inks have been shown to be useful in the fields of 3D printing, printed electronics, clean technology, and the Internet of Things.

PV Nano Cell PBC Silver Image
PV Nano Cell Heaters-Silver Image

Sicrys™ inks have been used to create printed circuit boards and flexible and customized electronics for the printed electronics field. They can also be utilized for the creation of mobile phone parts including touchscreens and antennas, expanding the IoT market with the possibility of thinner, flexible phones.

PV Nano Cell image of Antenna-Silver
PV Nanocell image of Solar Cell Silver

​​​In addition to these markets, Sicrys™ inks can be used for clean technology development, specifically in the photovoltaic market. Using inkjet printing for solar cells can decrease breakage often associated with traditional screen printing techniques, cutting down on waste as well as costs.

PV Nano Cell Mass Touch Screen Silver

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