Better Choice Company

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Better Choice is a rapidly growing animal health and wellness company that sells premium alternatives to traditional pet food. We believe that Better Choice is well positioned to capitalize on the global trends of growing pet humanization, expanding consumer focus on health and wellness, and the recession-proof nature of consumer spending on pets. Better Choice has an experienced management team, with a multi-decade track record in the consumer packaged goods space, including animal health. It also has strong e-commerce capabilities that allow pet owners to easily learn about and order its products and a rapidly growing international business concentrated in Asia.

Better Choice sells primarily through retail-partner channels, which include Amazon, Chewy, Petco, and PetSmart, as well as its own direct-to-consumer online web platform. According to market-research firm Packaged Facts, online purchases of pet food continue to take market share from brick-and-mortar retailers, expanding from 7% of U.S. pet product sales in 2015 to 22% in 2019. We expect Better Choice to take advantage of this trend by focusing on new product innovation to attract consumers who already purchase frequently online, rather than by investing resources to convert traditional brick-and-mortar consumers to online shopping.

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