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  • Outstanding Shares: 109,973,753 (as of 02/23/2024)
  • Float: 65,057,979 (as of 05/26/2023)

Wedbush’s Ives Sees AI ‘Gold Rush’ Playing Out in Tech

Anonymous Intelligence Company, Inc. “ANON” (OTC: ANICF) is pioneering a new era, of privacy-focused, enterprise-grade AI platforms that optimizes workflow, and streamlines operational efficiencies across the enterprise application stack.

Welcome to Anonymous Intelligence Company, where we are pioneering the world of decentralized networks, computational intelligence, and privacy technologies. Our focus is to develop cutting-edge AI products that bring consumers and businesses together. You can trust that our proprietary solutions will bridge the gap in the modern technology landscape.

Enterprise AI turns heads of savvy investors

ANON Enterprise AI Stack graphic

Organizations globally are moving to Enterprise AI to improve efficiency of their Salesforce, Workday, and many other SAS systems. ANON uses the Haller AI software application stack to wrap enterprise applications in a new intuitive interface, allowing non-technical users to analyze data and formulate actionable decision items. This new level of simplicity is attracting investors that know what’s on the horizon.

  • The Technologies Inc. (Haller AI) system is positioned to become a standard in enterprise AI because it is specifically designed to deliver a new level of business intelligence that has never been experienced in the past. 
  • Technical advances over the last 20 years will look trivial, as Haller AI unleashes its unmatched power to streamline big data analytics and transform information into a display format that removes the complexity of making use of the data in day-to-day work environments.
  • Most importantly, Haller AI seamlessly integrates with countless enterprise application stacks to automate and refine operational activities that improve efficiency, resulting in greater ROI, product, and service planning, and higher financial returns due to overall operational effectiveness.
  • The secret is getting out that ANON delivers a unique data curation model, so information can be precisely tailored for individual organizations or by industry, further advancing ANON’s value in the enterprise market.

ANON (OTC: ANICF) Advanced AI Suite

Haller AI

Haller AI graphic

Haller is in alpha with 5 enterprise clients working to streamline the program and is on target for a Sept. 15th beta launch Haller has been continuously adding to the functionality of the program, making workers much more efficient than a normal LLM.

  • Haller AI is a cloud-based SAS system, so implementation is hassle-free, and curated data is tailored to the organization’s business needs.

  • Companies can define user rights and roles, giving them the power to operationalize tasks for improved ROI, HR effectiveness and simply maximizing profitability for the company.

  • Haller AI integrates with the largest enterprise systems currently in use, providing a new dashboard view that simplifies data displays that users can apply to real-world activities.

Turminal AI

The Turminal Gain of Funcion could be highlighted: Retail users will be able to put confidence in their pocket with turminal as its previously announced GOF allows users to connect to live links and instructions for DIY projects across many retail categories, like home improvement, crafts, woodworking, automotive repair and others. The function not only provides instructions for tasks, but the tools required to perform the project as well as the items required for purchase from live retailers online.

  • Concerns over the most precious information, including medical, banking, real estate, legal or personal estate data can be kept private with ANON’s Turminal AI system.

  • Once installed, Turminal provides a web of protection that is configured to guard users, making them anonymous to even the most advanced Large Language Model systems.

  • Advanced data harvesting systems aggregate all types of personal data to build a comprehensive profile of individuals. Turminal’s AI tools defeat these systems for reliable privacy protection.

  • Turminal also provides features to ask it questions, and it responds with detailed information curated from the most powerful LLM system available.


Legacy technology that has been updated to work with the ANON SDK and now publicly launched at The best way to describe how “public data” works, is if your connection to the internet is your hot water pipe, we put the cold water pipe right beside it and take the water from the same source, but the data that transfers between your pipe and servers is never touched by ours. Thus guaranteeing personal privacy. VPN has over 30k active users who are getting the update pushed to them. These users will likely become Turminal users as well.

  • The ANON SDK eliminates the need for developers to build custom code for harvesting rich data, ANON did the work and it is ready to strengthen new or existing Large Language Model systems.

  • The SDK provides all the code, and hooks needed to monetize data and control the type of information targeted, avoiding privacy concerns.

  • ANON projects huge financial returns because the SDK can be integration into Firestick, IOS and Android devices, Google TV, ChromeCast and more.

  • Opens new doors for licensing and partnering, with a huge revenue potential with apps and the IOT environment. 

Investor Upside

Implementation of AI is on a meteoric rise and investors that embrace the market potential of the right company could realize returns like we saw with Google, Nest, Facebook, and other rock stars that created great wealth for early investors.

ANON and its AI suite of tools are positioned to be the right company at the right place and time that’s ready to follow the meteoric rise as AI becomes baked into most tech that impacts people at home, work and play. Imagine a time when AI adds a new level of confidence for people doing everyday tasks.

  • ANON’s Turminal AI product is shaping a new way to use AI – and it’s not to write a blog or create a cool image. Turminal is installed on a person’s device, giving them the ability to ask it questions and get detailed responses, all with current information gathered from the most current data sources.
  • There is huge potential to sell and integrate Turminal into big box stores so customers can ask for and receive lists of supplies needed to complete a project.
  • Imagine a customer in Home Depot or Lowes asking Turminal how to build a backyard shed. Turminal would deliver a list of items, tools and potential inventory at stores closest to the customer.

Turminal is poised to blow open the doors on licensing and partnerships. Now is the time to get engaged with ANON (OTC: ANICF) and enjoy the AI explosion.

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